Race Hustlers And Their Sick Lust For Power

I grew up north of Atlanta. Born 1946. My dad and my uncles employed hundreds of black men and women. One Christmas eve around 1952, dad took me downtown with him on his Christmas shopping trip. On the sidewalk in front of the old Davison's department store we met one of dad's long-time employees.

I'd only ever seen him in his work-clothes. Now here he was, a black man with white hair, taller than my dad, elegant in highly polished shoes, a suit and a good-looking hat. He was dressed exactly like my dad.

From my knee-high perspective I watched those two big men stand there on the sidewalk while thousands of people flowed by us; they shook hands with one-another, made some small talk, and wished each-other a very Merry Christmas. 

You can't fool a little kid. If there had been any hint of animosity in that moment I would have seen it and felt it. 

What I saw was two men, meeting as equals, genuinely glad to see one-another on Christmas Eve. I saw it with my own eyes and I have never forgotten it.

My dad was a man who grew up during the 1920's in the woods of west Alabama--where siccing dogs on black people was a Saturday night sport. My mama was an Atlanta city girl and she wouldn't have anything to do with that kind of foolishness. My dad changed for the better.

When I left home in 1967 I spent years traveling U.S.A. highways & byways meeting all kinds of people: from the most elegant & elite to drinking cheap vodka with the bums on a city sidewalk at 6 a.m. I know that anybody can get along with anybody if they have no axe to grind.

Bureaucrats & Communists worked for years to stoke the fires of racial hatred & animosity. God calls what they are doing "making merchandise of my people." I have watched the cynical manipulation of so-called race-relations. Government intervention has not improved things. What the politicians & bureaucrats foist as compassion & concern disguises their sick lust for power. They are about to get a taste of what real power is and it will not be anything like what they imagine.



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