Quebec Has Fallen...A City Near You May Be Next


I met my wife in late 1999 when she was still in grad school and after dating for a few months we made a trip to Montreal to meet her parents (Gulp!). Back then, this Navy brat had seen a good chunk of the world – from the Pacific NW to Florida to Hawaii to VA and Cali of course, and I keep threatening to write a book about our 32 months at Subic Bay.

But there was something about Montreal that seemed so old and grand at the time – I will never forget that first trip. Everything was so clean, everyone was so nice, and my future father-in-law paid for everything, heh heh…

Until recently, one thing I had always respected about my wife’s people (French-Canadian) is how homogenous not only their population was, but their culture. If you were going to live in Quebec, you damn well better love it! The real Quebecers are so proud of their history and culture. They’re not ashamed of it like we can be sometimes.

Fast-forward 15 years and 3 kids later…

We went to visit during Spring Break 2015 and I began to notice some changes for the first time in about a dozen trips. Full disclosure – my wife’s family is very wealthy and lives in a walled estate in a very exclusive section of Montreal. That area had not yet been overrun with primarily Moslem immigrants, BUT…

By 2015 you couldn’t go anywhere downtown without running into hordes of third worlders everywhere you went. The thing that bothered me the most was the way this human garbage stared at our girls AND my wife.

We have gorgeous identical twin girls (10 y/o at that time), blond, green-eyed, gracefully-athletic like their mom…

The disgusting Middle Eastern Moslem scum (and African blacks to a lesser degree) didn’t even try to hide their interest in our little girls. The vile filth even took pics with their cell phones a time or two. They are lucky we were in Canada and not Seattle or a few of them would have gone to Allah a little sooner than they wanted.

In June 2016 my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly and we flew out for his funeral. In 14 short months, the upscale village where my wife had grown up had been overrun with Moslems and third worlders. Where the hell they were living beats me, but they were there. My mother-in-law – now alone in a big giant spooky-as-hell mansion that’s been in the family for 150 years, is scared to go out for a walk!

Bottom line, bastions of Western goodness like Paris, London, and even Montreal have been invaded by a force hostile to the native people and culture. This invasion has been facilitated by the Left in a global effort to drag The West down to third world standards so there is a level playing field.

And it’s all coming to a city in the United States near you RIGHT NOW! 
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