Progressives Will Do Whatever It Takes To Delegitimize Trump

OK, aside from the fascist Left NOW doing everything it expressed horror over as completely UNACCEPTABLE during the campaign --when candidate Trump implied he might NOT accept the election results-- let's give the Left the satisfaction (though I think it is totally bogus, fake news) that the Russians DID hack Podesta and Hillary's emails.

So, therefore, we should annul an election because Americans learned the truth:

- That the corrupt DNC sabotaged Bernie
- That the corrupt media colluded with Hillary by passing her questions before the debates
- That the corrupt justice dept gave her head's up in advance about details of her email investigation etx, etc.

In short, we are supposed to turn over the election because Americans received corroboration of all the stinking corruption they suspected existed in this evil Clinton woman's life and voted against her accordingly! WHAT A JOKE!

No one hacked any actual voting machines--that has been clearly established. This whole issue is nothing but a red herring, aside from the fact that it is likely untrue--the FBI says the RNC was NOT hacked, and does anyone believe B.O. anymore("you can keep your doctor", "premiums will go down" etc, etc)?

All this issue has done is to expose the left for who they really are--fascists who will stop at nothing if they do not win and do not get their way--the most un-American, hateful and divisive element in American society today
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