Progressives Tell America: Abandon Your Morals Or Be Destroyed

Liberals are the most unhappy, intolerant people on the planet and they constantly "transform" things with the mistaken idea that if they can change the world to their liking, they will be happy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being a liberal requires one to be perpetually unhappy so one has a cause.

The left never just quietly marches along to the beat of their own drum like conservatives do. No way. There always has to be a cause or a firing or a protest or a boycott of something.

The left is wholly implacable. When they encounter something they don’t like, it's not enough to ignore it as any rational, mature human would do. When you are desperately unhappy, ignoring something is never enough. Whatever it is must be destroyed.

It's not enough to not use Firefox, not eat at Chick-fil-a, not watch Duck Dynasty, not use a florist or baker who doesn't want to support your same-sex event, etc... Nope, ignoring is not enough. They want shows cancelled, people fired, businesses and livelihoods ruined.

The left does all it can 24/7 to destroy all who are not of their ilk. “CELEBRATE DIVERSITY” really means “Abandon your morals and celebrate ME or be destroyed”.
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