Progressives Lost - It's Time For Them To Stand Down

Time to see the current political arrangement in the USA with clear vision. The Left has overwhelming lost the ideological war, time for this liberal Dem to stand down. For piece of mind and less stress, I've decided to go into non-confrontational opposition with the Right.

They've won everywhere - at the local and state levels, the Congress, and now the Presidency, facts are facts. They own the 5 key states in Presidential Elections - OH, FL, PA, MI, and WI. They have triumphed, and the Left needs to face reality. The voters have made it clear that they reject liberalism and what Dems are offering.

Let the Right decide the course of the country from now on, and see what happens. Peaceful non-resistance is my way forward. Why bother wasting time and effort voting now that we have one-party rule?

Even if we win, they go on a terror campaign against the Dem to weaken and destroy them. Example: President Obama. They plan to reverse every change he made, starting with the ACA. Political fighting is counter-productive for my life and damaging to our country.

The Right can rage and vote-in whomever they want now without further objection, resistance or comment from me. Not worth the effort. Time to reconsider liberalism in America, it seems to be unwelcome here, and may always have been. This is my position going forward: if the streets erupt in protests and violence by 100's of thousands or more, then the people are showing their discontent, and I will vote again.

Until then, I plan to enjoy my life, sans politics.
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