Progressives Lead America's Tyranny Of The Clerks

Comey has disgraced the FBI with his political machinations and truncated investigation. The DOJ has always been a politically directed organization. Now with the FBI being in the tank for who ever is passing through the W.H. we can expect yet another Federal Agency to be used, like the IRS, to harass and intimidate political opponents.

Just like Russia we will have the tyranny of the clerks. With the bureaucracy growing like a cancer every American will be coming under its' thumb. 

Whether it is EPA rules, Dept. of Education mandates or rationing of Health Care every aspect of our society will become subject to the whims of Washington. Every agency will be insinuating themselves into our lives as our freedoms erode and independence becomes a thing of the past.

Obama's legacy will not be all his "accomplishments" but in the end he will be known as the individual who began the destruction of the American experiment in self government by the people.

Obama's 8 years at the helm allowed him to completely subvert the Constitution and wreck our foreign policy and international relations. Pretty unbelievable for a middle of the road student and intellectual lightweight.

Bet he had numerous "advisors" and operatives strewn throughout the government whose mission was to utilize their agencies to undermine the rule of law and the Constitution.

His rule by phone and the pen is exactly that used by dictators and tyrants throughout the 20th century. Pick up the phone or sign an order and the will of the dictator is converted into law. No Congress or Courts need be involved.
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