Progressives Have Lost Their Propaganda Mojo

It really doesn't matter what the DC Anti-fascist Coalition think that they are going to do. Everything that the outgoing Obama Administration-Crooked Old Hillary for President Campaign-Democratic Party has done since Donald J. Trumps electoral victory has been an unmitigated failure and embarrassment.

1) "Not My President" Protests: Orchestrated by George Soros' funded organizations with paid protestors that devolved into sporadic violence (and very bad press),

2) Vote Recount: Green Party candidate Jill Stein shilling for Crooked Old Hillary by raising millions of dollars to have vote recounts in the three states that HAD BEEN the Democratic Party's Blue Firewall. Recounts either fail or increase the vote count for Donald J. Trump.

3) Fake News Phase I: An Assistant Professor in Feminist Media Studies posts a list of "Fake News" sites, consisting entirely of Conservative and Pro-Trump websites. The Mainstream Government-Corporate Media is eager to and widely publishes the list. After the Alternative media researches the identity of the Assistant Professor and the fact that the list was based on nothing but her Leftist political beliefs, the Mainstream Government-Corporate Media drops the list like a Hot Potato.

4) Fake News Phase II: The Washington Post publishes a "scientific study" by PropOrNot, a group of "researchers with foreign policy, military and technology backgrounds" that insists on public anonymity, identifying more than 200 websites that, in its view, wittingly or unwittingly published or echoed Russian propaganda. After being threatened with lawsuits the Washington Post retracts the story and admits that the "scientific study" slandered and defamed 200 websites by reporting fabricated, false news.

5) Unfaithful Electors Campaign: Effort led by Nancy Pelosi's daughter and Leftist Hollywood Actors to persuade, intimidate and coerce electors of the Electoral College to become Unfaithful electors (change their vote to Crooked Old Hillary). Campaign Fails with Crooked Old Hillary losing 5 electors and Donald J. Trump losing 2.

6) Russians Hacked the Election Phase I: Full Spectrum propaganda campaign led by the CIA with the FBI, Director of National Intelligence, and Department of Homeland Security joining in later to accuse the Russians of "interfering" in the election. Many Cyber Security Experts point out that evidence provided is questionable at best and conclusions are highly speculative.

7) Russians Hacked the Election Phase II: The "Intelligence" Agencies include in their Secret Briefing to both the President and the President Elect the "Russian Dossier" that had been circulating on the Internet for many months purporting to have evidence that the Russians could use to Blackmail Donald J. Trump. The problem is that neither the "Intelligence" Agencies, the News Organization (AP, NYT, WaPo), reporters, investigative journalists, or any other "finder of fact" had been able to verify or confirm or validate or find supporting evidence or documentation for ANY of the allegations in the "Russian Dossier".

Because the "Russian Dossier" was included in the Secret Briefing to the President and the President-Elect, BuzzFeed published the "Russian Dossier" and CNN reported on it. The "Russian Dossier" was quickly exposed as Fraudulent and a Total Fabrication and BuzzFeed and CNN identified as Fake News.

All these attempts have been Miserable Failures. Now all the outgoing Obama Administration-Crooked Old Hillary for President Campaign-Democratic Party have left is to claim that Donald. J. Trump's presidency is Illegitimate. That's it.

It's Pathetic really, and the more they do it the more ridiculous it makes them look.
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