Progressives Are Ruining Hollywood

The Hollywood bubble doesn't just need to be popped - it needs to be bombed, shot and gassed. Twice. Zero f***s what west coast narcissists and sociopaths think about politics, the environment, etc. Repeating: zero f***s.

When I reflect on the fact that most enjoyable shows I've seen on television involve 100% insane people who'd certainly be fired from any job, it dawns on me that Media Induced Mass Hysteria is literally a cultural threat to America - one which has much to do with the emotional immaturity and professional unemployability of our youth.

Don't get me wrong, it is amusing to view this work product (like the pictures of a vegan tween Instagram "model") but, when play time is over, we refer to sources and authorities which are credible and objective. Not self-obsessed, dreadfully insecure individuals with a questionable grip on reality.

Just dance, monkey. Dance! And, hey, if you step in spilled paint and walk across a fallen canvas, I'm okay with calling it art.

But science? Politics? Business?

That's a strong pass. Next....



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