Progressives Are Demonizing Whites And Inciting Lawlessness

Discrimination against white males used to be a joke, then a fringe idea, then a (white) racist position and now, especially with the unprecedented rise of black on white violence a fact that can no longer be ignored.

It is not a punch line or a misnomer - if you are a white male, you by definition, according to popular culture, are guilty of indiscretions done by people you don't know, have never met and likely have no relation to (because they died generations ago) and deserve to be relegated to the back of the line behind every "special" group.

This ideology has so permeated our current culture that you literally have young white people embarrassed and ashamed of their ethnicity. I make these observations as an ethnic Latino who looks white because I resemble my father. A fact I am as proud of as that I also resemble my mother (who just happens to be a beautiful human being literally and figuratively).

This is what they did in Germany, they demonized the Jews - today in America it is the white males. They need an enemy to rally the masses against for alleged grievances to empower those officials who 'care' to address these grievances. Obama, HRC, Soros (the money man) and their lemmings are demonizing whites and inciting gullible people to violence and lawlessness.

For a quick refresher, no Hitler was not a right extremist, he was a left extremist who rose to power on the National Socialist Labor Party aka: NAZI party.

Who are the socialists today?
Not just Obama, HRC and the Democratic Party, but much of the Republican Leadership and International Business Interests - you know - those like Apple who are subsidized by American Tax payers but take their manufacturing overseas and give their jobs to other countries people.

Who is the only one in 25 years to stand up to these people and challenge them?
That is why I am unequivocally voting for Trump.

We need to stand together as Americans and Citizens in a free color-blind society, not allow them to divide us as blues and reds, or for that matter as pinks and rainbows and skittles and whatever other designations they come up with.

Socialism is the bridge to fascism. Once you empower the government to enslave the populace economically who is left with any power to stop them from completing the transition from free society to slave of the authoritarian state.

Think about it.
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