Progressive 'Street Brawler' Tactics Won't Intimidate Deplorables

Deplorable Dragon Slayers

Excellent, excellent article. The Left thinks that Middle America is going to shrink from this violence and violent rhetoric, not so much from fear as from a sense of moral inferiority.

This has been the Left's weapon since the Great Society. Nope. 

One of the things the MSM and all the Leftists missed then, and miss now, is that Trump ran exactly what they said he DIDN'T run - a conviction campaign. 

Trump's was not a triangulated, contentless, consultant campaign.

Trump mobilized CONVICTION VOTERS...the deplorables. The deplorables, meaning traditional America, are totally unaffected, unmoved, unimpressed by the smug moral superiority of the liberal street brawlers.

We've got it this time. We see the evil of liberalism and its ultimate objective of overturning the Constitution.

Liberals, the Main Stream Media, the Chuck Schumers, are used to a Republican retreating under an onslaught like this. Not Trump.

He loves a fight, he knows what he is fighting for and, unlike any other Republican president in our lifetime, he is backed by an aroused and absolutely immovable electorate - the Deplorables - who know what is at stake and how late the hour is for the republic.

This liberal violence, liberal vulgarity, liberal evil is going to smash up against the American public, now deaf to any claim of moral superiority.

We know evil when we see it.

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