Media's Bias Is What Made Drudge Report A Thing

I was a journalism major in college. I was told in plain English that the New York Times called the tune and we all danced to it. They decided what was news and we just went along as yes men. But that system was born when the Times was the one place to get the straight story. They didn't lean any direction in their news coverage.

My how times change. Because the Times became the de facto paper of the left. It was owned lock, stock and barrel by the Democrat Party and every story was judged by that standard. 

The Washington Post did manage to get their stories into the news cycle at times. A little story about a place called Watergate was written by the Post and it brought down a president.

Of course they totally ignored equivalent offenses by presidents like Lyndon Johnson, who lied to get us into a war in Southeast Asia in a country called Vietnam. That was OK. But break in to get dirt on the other party - blasphemy!

THAT was the reason the MSM lost their place at the top of the food chain. Walter Cronkite, who tried so hard to appear impartial, was in fact extremely liberal on all his views and it leaked into his coverage.

Americans first learned of the excesses of the media by watching live events on the cable program dedicated to coverage of Congress with no commentary. You could see what was said in an event and then by the end of the day you got the much distorted report on that same event. It was shocking in it's aspect. _The media was a conglomerate of extremists. If you wonder what kept Joe McCarthy up nights, you saw the answer in the media. Compete bias toward the extreme left._

Then came Rush Limbaugh with his 20 million strong army of radio listeners learning just how corrupt the media could be by someone who had the time to sift through mass amounts of news and find the most egregious examples of bias. Only then was the stage set for Matt Drudge. He proved that a solid story that hurt a Democrat was very likely to never see the light of day. And America took notice. Now Matt calls the dances for most Americans and even for the reluctant media.

They have to follow him or risk total oblivion in the realm of bankruptcy. They have been exposed as the liars and charlatans they are. And now we have a president who had the guts to go against the MSM because he knew Americans were on to them. And it paid off big for that soon to be president.

Of course the media will go kicking and screaming into irrelevance. They are holding their noses at the work of fellow leftists now though. Drudge rarely reports a story that was broken by him. He points to news articles in the media. Yet somehow he's supposedly controlled by the Russians. It doesn't pass the smell test. But it does have the smell of death attached to it. The death of the main stream media that is.

Now we often get our news from across the ocean because we have a better change at hearing the truth. I want to thank the media of the UK for helping us over the hump. We need actual news and not that bilge water we get from the American press.
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