Progressive Lunatics Have Come Unhinged

I'm having trouble keeping up with all of the illegal activity the Lunatics on-the-Left have committed during the 2016 election.

The Lunatic Left are:
- Funding violence at Trump rallies
- Firebombing Trump campaign offices
- Promoting cop-killers 
- Giving inner-city mobs 'room to destroy' 

- Rigging elections 

- Committing large-scale voter fraud
- Attempting to silence all opposition
- Facilitating an invasion of illegals to increase their voter base
- Pleading the 5th to conceal their crimes

These are the actions of Political-Zealots folks. They will do ANYTHING to access the Levers of Power. And Hillary Clinton is the spiritual leader of this Progressive Cult.

Hillary's 'New' brand of Democrats should scare the Hell out of ALL Americans...regardless of their politics. Where are the 'moderate' Democrats? Do they exist any longer?
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