Progressive Insanity: Rape Is OK If It's Your Culture

The problem with the so-called "liberals" (leftist is more accurate) is that they are morally bankrupt. There are no absolutes; reality, truth is what you choose to believe it is. It truly is that simple.

Example; I was forced to attend a "Diversity/Tolerance" class once. As I listened to the presentation, I caught on to where the instructor was going with her instruction. 

I made the comment that "it seems the point you are getting to is there are no absolutes; no absolute right, no absolute wrong". A very big smile came across her face and she said "That's right".

I responded with this question; "What about rape"? I'll have you know, that woman proceeded to explain that in some cultures rape is permitted, and we shouldn't rush to judge or condemn those that accept/embrace that belief system! I was absolutely astonished.

I could not believe I was hearing what was coming from that woman's mouth. I looked around, and everyone was looking at me, some looking as astonished as I felt, and others with disgust.

But if look at Europe and the reports that are coming out about the sexual assaults and the response of the political leaders about having to tolerate such behavior from the immigrants....crazy.....

That is your " liberal" of today. Secular humanism is their religion, and that should explain how some people can/will vote for such a blatantly corrupt person that is Hillary Clinton.
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