Progressive Extremists Threaten Electoral College Delegates

This is beyond ridiculous and passed the border of insanity about 10 miles back. The party of being politically correct, feminism, gay marriage, abortion, gun control, was defeated on election day. But noooo, that was not enough.

Now they want to intimidate the electoral college electors who are just doing their civic duty and didn't sign up to be harassed by the election day losers.

The media had over half the country believing Trump was going to lose all 50 states in a political wipeout. Instead he won 30/50 states.

- How many Russian votes did Trump get? Zero.
- How many voting machines did the Russians reprogram into a vote for Trump? Zero.
- How many paper ballots did the Russians change from Hillary to Trump? Zero.

Democrats need to accept the fact that most eligible voters stayed home and voted for neither Hillary nor Trump. That's where the election was lost for them.

If so many people agreed with your "Progressive" message, why did so many not vote? Millions were no fans of Trump either. True. But Trump had enough fans in enough states to win the electoral college fair and square.

Next time, run a candidate and have a message and policies that appeal to enough people to make them come out and vote for YOU. Until then, leave those electors alone and let them live their lives.

The Progressive Left, and their message, were rejected by those who stayed home and by those who voted for Trump. Accept it and move on.
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