Progressive Extremists Remind Us Of Germany In The 1930s


And Tim Allen is absolutely correct in his 1930s Germany analogy.

We've got all these Marxists running around, screaming "Nazi" and "fascist" at everyone who disagrees with them; when it is they who are inciting violence, beating people up who disagree with them; and rioting. 

They are the problem, they are the ones who need to go live in Cuba until they come to the realization of what their ideology brings about.

We need to ship about 99.9% of Hollyweird down there, along with the Obama's, the Clintons, Soros, all of the corporate media, and many others.

These people need a reality check. Freedom is not free; and freedom does not exist, for long, when it is continually trampled on by people who have no self-discipline, no respect for anyone or anything but themselves.

Edmund Burke was absolutely correct when he said (sic) freedom without virtue is not freedom but license to pursue whatever passions prevail in the intemperate mind.

Look at the corrupt Clintons, the communist Obama's, all the women who marched with hats on their heads named after a lewd, crude, depiction of a woman's genitalia. These people are morally corrupt; morally bankrupt.
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