Progressive Black Bloc Anarchists Need A Smackdown

We are at war for the survival of our American culture and way of life.

The leftist enemies of America will not come together with the majority of Americans who sincerely want a good America, one that is proud of our heritage as the one and only country to ever declare it's citizens are the sovereigns, one in which everyone is free to pursue their hearts desires as long as they don't infringe on others right to do so.

These leftists only want to destroy what America was, and is, and replace it with an oppressive dictatorship in which there is no freedom, only the dictates of a few.

We need to quit falling for the blather of unity and harmony that is disingenuously preached by the left since to them we can only have peace, unity, and harmony if the country is run by them and submits to their dictates.

This may be our last chance for our very survival but we will only survive if the leftist enemies of America, both foreign and domestic, are smacked down hard and not allowed to get up.

If we are not prepared to do that we will surely lose as the left is clearly prepared to do that, as evidenced by their reaction to the most recent election.
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