President Trump Puts An End To Obama's Transgender Lunacy

As someone who knows ACTUAL transgendered people, that is the 0.05% of people that have an actual MEDICALLY diagnosable gender mis-identification from birth, I greatly applaud the President's wise decision to end this ridiculous policy forced on the country by people that absconded with a medical issue and turned it into a sick parody of itself to forward their "gender-less society" goals.

Two women I went to High School with were medically diagnosed as transgendered... that is assigned a male gender at birth due to malformations. (considering the size of my HS, there was likely 1 or 2 more that I don't know about)

Actual transgenders like these women do not want 58 genders or whatever, they just want their incorrect gender assignment fixed and then to disappear into the rest of normal society.

What the leftists did was to hijack a medical issue, push it on kids, and then so pollute the genders that they could back-door the Equal Rights Amendment that was defeated back in the 70s.

They cared NOTHING for the people who's lives were ruined because they were embarrassed to seek medical help by the insane antics of those that just did it for attention.

Thank GOD some sanity can start to return.



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