President Trump Must Deal With Out-Of-Control Judges


There are many ways to clamp down on runaway judges, but the best is to understand that the Constitution only authorizes the Supreme Court.

Every other federal court is a legislative court, which means Congress has absolute control over the existence and jurisdictional scope of these courts.

While impeachment is remedy of last resort, the widespread rampant abuse of the law made so popular for the last 8 years by the Obama Administration, needs a more practical and more prevalent approach to rein in liberal activists who believe they and not Congress should be creating the law. 

Congress must reassert it's on primacy as the most important branch of government.

1. Severely restrict the scope of federal question jurisdiction by adding a simple primary caveat:. :Federal courts have no authority to create new rights where none exist or to create remedies not provided for. These are legislative actions and are the exclusive province of the Congress. Any ruling that invades the province of Congress is null and void."

This eliminates everything from busing and abortion to gay bathroom rights and you can just about name it. No more legislating from the bench.

People forget that one of the first things Bill Clinton did was fire every one of almost 100 U.S. Attorneys at DOJ and replaced them with inexperienced liberal sycophants. Sessions only fired half of them and he's going to regret leaving the other half in place. We need to clean house on the federal bench.

2. Congress will close (shut down) all the federal courts on Friday at 4pm leaving an hour on the clock. They will cease to exist. Send out pink slips thanking the judges for their service and fire their asses. Every last one.

You have a new batch of judges already approved waiting in the wings. You reopen the courts on Monday, or a month from Monday, it doesn't matter, and you put all new conservative judges on the federal bench. The only time this can happen is with a majority in both Houses and the Presidency.

3. Need I even say it? Term Limits. 10 years max for any federal post, except the military, where experience in combat can be preserved and spooks, where it takes years to infiltrate and gain confidence. For everyone else,

A decade of federal service is plenty. No professional politicians, and absolutely no professional bureaucrats. End of story.

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