Pre-Election Search Engine Results: Best Comments on Clinton

1). The best tweets about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's comments ...

2). Top 10 Best Hillary Clinton Quotes from the Presidential Debate

3). The very bad jokes Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump told at the Al Smith dinner. Trump's comments seemed unusually mean-spirited, given the forum.

4). Hillary Clinton's Sickest Burns From the Al Smith Dinner.

5). Best Hillary Clinton Quotes. The top best quotes by Hillary Clinton during the 2nd Presidential Debate.

6). Hillary Clinton's best zingers, comebacks, and comments from the first debate.

7). Did You Miss the Presidential Debate? Here Are the Highlights... some of Mr. Trump's comments during the campaign had startled them. .... Mrs. Clinton, looking toward Mr. Trump, said it was “good to be with” him

8). 8 of Hillary Clinton's Best Trump Burns From Last Night's Charity Dinner .... Donald Trump's 'Nasty Woman' Comments Inspired This T-Shirt ...

9). Trump And Clinton's Best Lines From Charity Dinner. The Best Lines From Thursday Night's Charity Dinner With Trump And ... The Clinton campaign has refused to comment on individual emails ...

10). Democratic Debate: 10 Best Zingers From Hillary Clinton and Bernie... Here are the best zingers from the debate.

11). John Podesta Explained Clinton's AIDS Comments as 'Sheer Exhaustion"... Leaked emails show damage control in action after Hillary Clinton ... best guess for what led to the factually incorrect comments: “sheer exhaustion"...
Of the 11 links on the first page of the Google search results, ALL ELEVEN of them were either positive or neutral. NONE of them were negative about Hillary Clinton. NONE. 
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