Positive News About President Trump The Media Isn’t Talking About

While the Media is dishing out 24 hour-a-day coverage of anything even REMOTELY negative about Donald Trump, they’re totally ignoring anything positive that he does.

Here are a couple examples of positive things Donald Trump accomplished this week that the Media just ignored.

1). The Veterans Administration - The VA is a national embarrassment. Barack Obama promised to fix it and get our Veterans the medical care they so desperately need. But just like the rest of Obama's promises, this one went unfilled. Now Donald Trump has taken on the VA challenge and promised us he would finally fix it.

The other day, President Trump’s choice for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, David Shulkin, was approved unanimously in the US Senate…UNANIMOUSLY...a 100 - 0 vote!. In this hyper-partisan environment...you’d think THAT ALONE would be news…right? But it’s not. This is becoming a pattern. Anytime Trump does something notable, the Media simply ignores it.

2). Immigration - In an important strategic move, Donald Trump reduced the goal for the number of refugees that will be allowed to enter the country in the coming months. This simple declaration means the nationwide network of non-profits Obama setup to distribute Syrian refugees into our communities, will be dismantled.

Catholic Charities reported 97% of the money they use to relocate refugees comes from the federal government…YOU! Without those funds, Obama's whole refugee distribution scheme will collapse.

This is a MAJOR victory in the battle to get control of our nation’s immigration issues. Donald Trump quietly took out this highly questionable program by attacking its jugular…government cash. He should be commended.

President Trump is delivering on the promises he made to the American people. Just because no one in the Media wants to talk about it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.
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