Political Correctness Is Endangering Us All

The American Culture_War Is Raging

The war against political correctness must not be underestimated and/or written-off as mere 'dinner time conversation'. For this war is well and live, and it is completely reshaping the political order.

What makes the war on political correctness unique is that it cuts through all divisions of class, pay, education, race, religion, and gender. People of all types are truly fed up with not being able to speak about anything honestly anymore. 

When we are constantly told that Islam is a religion of peace, that globalization benefits everyone, and that all immigrants are entrepreneurs, rocket scientists, and avant-garde philosophers...well, people are going to make politicians pay for this type of disingenuous rhetoric.

Even some people who are part of the elite (such as yours truly) are immensely frustrated by the lies being peddled out by the ruling classes.

The media and academic classes are not blameless either, constantly silencing any honest discussion about the topics I highlight above.

The silencing of dissenting views on American college campuses, and in other liberal/cosmopolitan realms (see Merkel/Zuckerberg conversation about silencing critiques of refugee policy on Facebook) has only added to the sense of alienation.

Sometimes I wonder whether I am living on the same planet as Barack Obama is when he describes the Fort Hood shooting as "workplace violence" (and I voted for him twice).

This needs to be rectified, quickly. In an age of social media, the truth comes out with lightning speed, and politicians will be left scrambling to cover up their lies.

Greater honesty in political discourse is imperative. 

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