Political Collapse Forces Merkel To Tweak Immigration Plan

Sounds like she's getting backlash because 60 were sent back on a flight that happened to land in Kabul. These same 60 people managed to make it all the way to northern Europe, but somehow will be destined to remain in Kabul?

Only when Merkel's polls tanked to within 4 points did she finally agreed to stronger vetting, expedient expulsions for criminals and economic migrants, tougher border control and giving the police the power to enforce what clearly needs to be accomplished.

Mysteriously she does this the day after she criticizes Trump for similar measures and the day the polls showed theres a good change she will lose the election.

ISIS does not want the people fleeing to the EU/US. They want them in the ME for obvious reasons. This opens the door for ISIS to commit a terrorist attack against any EU member that leader is for the muslim invasion.

A vote for Merkel and her ilk is in fact a vote for a terrorist attack. Then of course the EU will only keep the cream of the crop so at the end of the day the ME will be without its educated people making it that much harder to end the sick Islamic ideology, fight ISIS and get the people back on their feet.
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