Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

No, no, don't look at the fact that the real unemployment rate is twice what we claim, according to Bernie, no less.

No, no don't look at the fact that we're releasing hardened illegal alien criminals back onto American streets, 165,000 or so, no less.

No, no, don't look at the fact that we've destroyed Libya, allowed ISIS to capture a good portion of Iraq and have to now secretly move American troops back in there to push them back out.

No, no don't look at how our pre-planned destabilization of the Middle East, has unleashed millions of poor, often hostile young military age migrants into Europe - those who don't join the tens of thousands who are rotting shark food now thanks to us - who the Europeans have no houses, nor jobs, nor wives for,.

No, no, don't look at how we've destroyed the American health care system so that now we need to bring back the "government option" as always intended.

No, no don't look at our seventh "recovery summer" in a row, where we try to fool people into thinking that the "recovery" wasn't only for Wall Street and the beltway suck-up artists.

No, no, don't get the idea that Multiculturalism isn't all it's cracked up to be, that a Sharia-loving Pakistani murderess isn't just as fine an immigrant as a college educated person from China or the U.K.

No, no don't pay any attention to the worst single "international agreement" in the history of the Republic, so bad that it could never be a treaty, that insures Mullah hegemony over the entire Middle East and more than one vast smoking craters where the Sunnis and the Jews used to be.

All designed by a failed "creative writer" no less, who runs the White House foreign policy shop when he's not downloading midget porn.

instead. There, there, look our fake college "rape crisis," or murdering cops who have declared open season on black people, killing everything that eats, sleeps, moves or grooves in the ghetto. Look over there at the aspiring transexual who needs a special bathroom, cause don't you know there are all of three of them in your town...
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