America's High Profile Miscreants Flame Racial Tension

I am struck by the fact that the media, including the conservative media, are ignoring the motivation and underlying causes of Mr. Flannagan's rampage.

Mr. Flanagan told us that he was angry about the church shooting in Charleston. That was indeed a tragedy, just as this is. BUT, there is a difference.

The church shooting in Charleston was a tragedy that was leveraged by every black race baiter in the country.....from Al Sharpton to Barack Obama to #Blacklivesmatter. 

Focus was turned on the Confederate Battle Flag, but the underlying message was that whites WANT to kill blacks and that the church shooting was just an example of a myriad of instances of whites slaughtering blacks. (btw, the statistics of interracial crime indicate that exactly the reverse is true)

Granted, Flannagan's mind was weak and he was susceptible to the message that black anger, and acting upon that anger, is, in his case, required. But, it is EXACTLY as though the race baiters have loaded the gun and put it in Flannagan's hand.....and then, pointed out the target.

The fact is that two young journalists were slaughtered yesterday in Virginia, because our President and his minions have whipped up black anger and have directed that anger at whites.

It is THAT behavior, that of the President and his legion of race baiters that is unAmerican, dangerous, and worthy of total condemnation.

Until this hate-laden environment is changed by these high profile miscreants, I fear that this tragedy will be repeated, over, and over, and over, again!



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