Other Best Comments Benefits

Best Comments Aggregation Service also produces some additional spin-off benefits:

1). Gives the best Commenters more visibility - If it's available, a link to each Commenter's Discus/Facebook/Profile page is included in every comment we share.  The best Commenters on-the-Right rarely get the attention they deserve. We'd like to change that.

2). Extends the life-cycle of comments on a news story - Today, on-line comments are only 'fresh' for 24-48 hours.  If the best comments are aggregated, more people will see them.  That will keep interest in the conversation associated with a news story going longer.  This will also result in more average-page-views per article.  It's measurable, advertisers appreciate that.

3). Gives the original news source attribution - Each comment we highlight includes a link to the original news source (WSJ, NYP, WND, Breitbart etc.) of the article. 

4). Reduce anonymity & increase availability of Commenter content - When Commenters on-the-Right finally start getting credit for their good comments, they'll be more inclined to use their real name and unblock their content. So the rest of the world can enjoy it.

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