Open Borders Will Result In National Suicide

This article starts out with a false premise and then like an inept bricklayer, just keeps stacking one falsehood after another.

The wall in the United States is not to create an isolationist state. It is necessary so that the U.S. Can regain control over who enters the nation.

No nation in world history, and in particular, no developed nation in close proximity to failing 3rd world states has ever survived, or would ever survive an "open border" situation, such as exists in the American Southwest.

The U.S. admits a huge volume of immigrants through LEGAL means, and during such a process, can then determine what criteria and skill set in new immigrants would most benefit existing citizens. There is nothing unique in that view, in fact to do otherwise would be unique and dangerous.

The U.S. maintains birthright citizenship, centuries or decades after this was eliminated by most countries, even though that is now being widely abused by "birth tourism" from China and elsewhere.

As for Hungary, perhaps the author needs a bit of a history lesson. If not for Hungary, much or all of Europe could have easily been conquered by Ottoman Muslim hordes.

Shortly after the fall of Constantinople in 1453, when the inhabitants of that last vestige of the Roman Empire were slaughtered in the streets, a huge Muslim Invasion force turned their sites on Europe. If you happen by a Catholic or mainline Protestant Church at noon and hear the bells ringing, understand that is a sound heard continuously since 1456.

In that year, the Pope issued an order to pray for the outnumbered Hungarian defenders at Belgrade, who were all that stood between Europe and a massive Muslim invasion force.

Due to the brilliant tactics of the Hungarian commander, John Hunyadi, the Hungarian army won a decisive victory. When his son, Matthius Corvinus was elected King by the Hungarian parliament, he immediately assembled the strongest standing army in Europe, and defeated numerous further attempts by the Ottomans to invade.

A century later, weakened by the influence of elites who favored lower taxes and who allowed the military readiness to lapse, Hungary once again faced a massive invasion Muslim force, and despite a valiant effort, virtually their entire army including their young King fell in the Battle of Mohacs. It took nearly two more centuries for Europe to finally stop the Ottoman threat at the gates of Vienna.

During that time, the entire territory of Hungary became a constant battlefield. The scars of these not so ancient battles are everywhere in modern Hungary, as much as those from the awful decades of Soviet occupation.

The fact that Hungary lost their full independence at Mohacs, and that nearly 400 years later, when it was finally regained, it was accompanied by the Travesty of the Treaty of Trianon, which forced Hungary to surrender nearly 70% of their territory, and 60% of their population (including areas with an ethnic Hungarian majority and which had been part of their nation for 1000 years, further scarred this nation.

Today, in a Europe awash in a dangerous level of political correctness, it is no surprise that Hungary has been a voice of sanity.

To those who think the Hungarian viewpoint is somehow centuries behind the times, perhaps they should consider the viewpoint of the Muslim extremists now terrorizing Europe for those people maintain the same goals as the invasion armies that Hungary fought off to keep Europe safe just as the "rebirth of learning" was taking hold.
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