Open Borders Madness Will Lead To Pandemic

Senator Cruz is exactly on point. It is the abject failure of the federal government to enforce existing law. And it's not just in Texas, but in every state along the southern border. These criminals are arrested, convicted and serve whatever sentence the court handed down, but upon being released they are turned over to ICE for deportation.

But they are not deported. They are released and even relocated, usually to a sanctuary city.

That's precisely what happened in California. This criminal, a convicted felon, was arrested for drug possession and was scheduled for deportation, again, but the sheriff in San Francisco, himself a convicted felon, had the prisoner transferred to his county so he could be released. And days later an innocent citizen was dead.

Even more grievous, the weapon used was a handgun inexplicably left on the boardwalk by a DEA agent, and the criminal was intending to use it to shoot sea lions from the pier. Why he instead shot Ms. Steinle is unknown, but apparently he thought a young blonde was better sport than a sea lion.

In such a lawless environment, there is very little that states and governors can do. When border states do try to secure their borders, the federal government shuts them down. When criminal aliens are arrested and convicted, the federal government releases them. When illegal aliens are deported, they simply turn around and come back, and migrate to sanctuary cities, counties and states, where they will not face deportation.

It's madness, and it has to stop.

But legal and illegal alien crime rates are just the tip of the ICE burg (pun intended, and unfortunate). A far greater threat is the importation of virulent, communicable diseases from third world countries. There's an interesting article over on Front Page Magazine on this exact topic, and it's scary.

Diseases that were once eradicated in this country, and some that were unknown, several of which are virulent and have no cure, are spreading at an alarming rate. Look at what this administration is doing. It's bringing in hordes of unaccompanied minors and transporting them throughout the country, and even worse placing them in schools.

Think, it only takes one diseased alien to start a pandemic or an epidemic, and in that horrifying scenario, tens of millions, mostly the young and elderly, could die in a matter of months or years. That's a hell of a lot more dangerous than an illegal alien crime spree.

We can secure the border, we can arrest criminals, we can deport illegal aliens, but we are woefully unprepared to handle an outbreak of an unknown virulent disease. It would take years to develop a cure or a vaccine, and in the mean time a lot of people are going to die needlessly.

The real purpose of border security and immigration control is disease control, not crime control. People forget that at their peril.
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