Only Voters Can Punish Hillary Clinton For Her Crimes Now

The simple fact that Hillary's conduct as SoS gave rise to an FBI investigation into how she handled classified information SHOULD be the death knell for her political aspirations. Without probable cause, there can be no investigation. Probable cause means her behavior as SoS raised serious questions about legality, let alone ethics.

After concluding the initial investigation, Jimmy da Weasel stated that Secretary Clinton displayed "extreme carelessness" in her handling of classified information, and stated that people who act so carelessly with national security are usually disciplined through administrative action rather than criminal prosecution.

So, what administrative action could be taken against Secretary Clinton? She'd already been out of office for years, and the sitting POTUS -- the only person who had the power to discipline a SoS -- turns out to have been emailing her on her non-secure server, using an alias.

In other words, he knew what she was doing all along, and had no problem with it. Our POTUS is just as negligent, guilty, and dishonest as our former SoS and current Democratic party candidate for president.

It turns out that the only people left with the power to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her gross negligence in performing her duties as Secretary of State are the voters. What a sad, sorry state of affairs for a once great nation.

So of course, Democrats across the country will vote for her, because ... well ... because ... well, just because.
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