ObamaCare Is Crippling Small Business

So the extortion tax penalty is going to go up?

I still don't have the extra money to pay the 2014 and 2015 penalty - total of about $400, which is why I never could afford insurance on on my own in the first place! Idiots.

When O'care was signed in, employers went berserk. I had the unfortunate gift of being a casualty of small business trying to get under the 50 employee threshold.

When I finally found another job in 2011, it was at part time only. I'm still a casualty of it today because the small business I work for can't hire me on full time, thus keeping me at a part time status so they don't have to go over the 50 limit nor do they have to provide coverage for me. (Note: I have a degree.)

Huckabee hit this nail on the head last night when he stated the obvious that no other pundits or candidates will even mention - O'care has crippled small business and their employees.

Middle class, small business owners have been screaming this since 2010, but no one is listening.
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