Obama Tells The World US Cops Are Racists

Citizens ARE treated equally and fairly. Does racism exist? Certainly. It has existed since the beginning of time, and will exist at the end of time. Just as hate and evil exist.

But the media and BLM paint a false narrative that racism is pervasive in our society and pervasive within the law enforcement community. This is absolute garbage!

More unarmed white people were shot by police this past year, than unarmed black people. Despite the fact that law enforcement has far more dangerous interactions with blacks than whites.

I know liberals don't like to admit this, but there are certain communities where violent crime is rampant and almost exclusively occurs at the hands of blacks. This isn't racism. It's pure statistics. You don't have to be armed to get shot.

You just have to act in a threatening manner, and leave the law enforcement officer with the belief his personal safety or his life (or anyone else) may be in danger. No gun necessary. Period.

For anyone who has seen how quickly someone can pull a gun and shoot you, you understand this. For anyone who has done any law enforcement training, you understand this. HINT: If you find yourself in an encounter with a law enforcement officer, there should be three phrases in your vocabulary, "Yes sir", "No sir", "Thank you sir". Cooperate.

When you are dealing with the law, belligerence and disrespect is NOT the answer. Even if you feel you are being wrongly engaged, don't challenge or resist. It NEVER ends well. I was taught this as a child, and it has served me well.

Funny that the ones who always get shot are the ones who are resisting and being belligerent and potentially threatening...It might be nice for the President and Attorney General to use their platform to broadcast this message.

It would be much more productive than using their platform to transmit the message that racism is rampant in the law enforcement community, when they know full well it is NOT
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