Obama Betrays Israel And Liberal Jews Act Shocked

Holy crap. Dershowitz slept with a dog (Obama) and is surprised he got fleas? Incredible stupidity beyond measure. Dershowitz should just do the Jewish people a favor and shut the he!! up already. You can't play with venomous snakes (Democrats) and expect not to get bitten.

Dershowitz said nada about Obama trying to destroy the U.S. for the past 8 years but now he feigns indignation that Obama sold out Israel in his last 30 days?

Of course Obama sided with the Muslims and sold out Israel. It's what he has always done. You can't change a leopard's spots.

Even sadder is the LGBT and the black community thinks Obama supports them. Useful idiots one and all. Obama and Democrats by and large never viewed Jews, blacks or the LGBT as anything more than a voting bloc. Certainly never as equals. Period.

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder like being a battered wife that keeps going back to the loser that beats them. Clearly there is a cognitive dissonance with these people. Sadder still. They will defend Obama and the Democrat party. You just can't fix stupid.

Liberals never cared for the truth, and are quite fine with being lied to just as long as it makes them "feel" good. Moral relativism taken to the Nth degree...even if it kills them
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