Obama Approves Edit Of 911 Transcripts To Hide His Own Failure

Obama Censored 911 Tapes Of Orlando Massacre

This is just the corrupt, negligent, incompetent Obama regime trying to rewrite and censor history. The entire world knows that this guy was an Islamic Terrorist who pledged his loyalty to ISIS and killed all of those people in the name of Islam.

Yet Obama refuses to say the words and keeps trying to change the topic to gay rights or gun control to the point he is censoring these tapes that the entire world knows about?

This stupidity isn't to protect anybody, but Obama because every time we hear that murdering Islamic Terrorist pledge allegiance to ISIS we know how badly both Obama and Hillary have failed. 


The raw hard truth folks is that ISIS didn't exist when Obama and Hillary took office in 2009. It didn't exist until years later after they had screwed up the entire Middle East.

Then when it was growing Obama LIED to us that it was JV, then he lied just hours before the slaughter in Paris, and weeks before the Slaughter in San Bernardino that ISIS was contained. Well in San Bernardino or Orlando did ISIS or Islamic Terror look JV? Did they look contained.

Obama's negligence, LIES, and incompetence allowed San Bernardino and Orlando to happen. Its Obama's fault. The woman Islamic Terrorist in San Bernardino folks was a recent immigrant fully vetted by the Obama regime. All that vetting and they let her in, but it took the news media only 48 ours after the slaughter to show all of her ties to Islamic Terror, and how she wanted into the USA to conduct acts of Islamic Terror.

Both Obama and Hillary are now running to bring in thousands and thousands of gay hating Muslims knowing there is NO WAY To vet them, and that they will be riddled with ISIS Islamic Terrorists.

Instead of protecting us Obama is trying to edit and censor reality to hid his fault and guilt in these slaughters, and that means more will happen because Obama and Hillary are doubling down on lies and their deadly murderous political correctness.



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