Next Exit - The Pits Of Hell

They are finally getting it. The American public is tired of being lied to by our politicians just so they can get elected or stay in power. After they get back in, nothing changes, except for the worse. The House voted several times to abolish Obamacare as a show when they knew it would never get past the Democratically controlled Senate.

When the Republicans were given control of the Senate, the House votes stopped because the lying idiots did not want to get rid of it in the first place. It was all an illusion. We, the taxpaying people of the country, are sick and tired of being fleeced and taken advantage of.

We are being ripped off by politicians helping criminals crawl into our country, our house, to loot and rob us blind. Only they have the politicians to do the organized thefts for them. Over 70% of the people who entered the country illegally are now living on welfare. Others are being taught how to game the system so they can get the government to support them.

These politicians have sold their souls to the devil and to corrupt corporations. And don't think I'm exaggerating. Take a look at the articles that came out in the last couple of days about the Satanists being involved in Planned Parenthood with the murdering of live babies and the selling of baby body parts.

Groups of them show up at Pro-Life rallys as counter protesters chanting "Hail Satan" as their battle cry. Abortion is MURDER of a living human being such as you were before you got the chance to grow up. If this is the world that Democrats and establishment Republicans are going to give us, we don't want it.

We will vote for anyone else who will stand up to this and stop them from dragging the country straight to the pits of Hell.



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