New York Democrats Who Are Voting For Trump

I'm a NYC Jew, born in the Bronx, and lived in a project. My entire family (all in the Bronx) would never have voted for a Republican, except for Jacob Javitz. I'm 68 years old; a retired Lawyer, who passed 3 Bar Exams (N.Y., Cal., Fla.), and have lived in San Diego for the past 37 years.

By the way, I started practicing Discrimination Law (and Sexual Harassment) back in the '80's, representing African Americans, Women, and persons over 40, as well as members of the police force. For the life of me, I don't understand how any jew could have voted for Obama, as well as anyone who loves the United States.

I can not think of 1 solitary thing that Obama and Hillary have EVER done to help the working class of the United States, White or Black.

Sanctuary cities, open borders, criminal IRS, criminal Attorney Generals, destroying 30,000 e-mails that belong to the citizens of this country, utilizing a bought and paid for criminal main stream media, from the N.Y. Times to ALL major television news networks; selling us out to Iran...............

Since when has anyone listened to Hollywood about anything ? When was the 1st time that Hillary told the truth ?

Same old vitriolic name calling by the left.....racist, sexist, misogynist........all while being in bed with anti-U.S. countries, making deals with anti-U.S. countries, and blaming it's own citizens for this countries ever increasing problems.

All I know is that Donald Trump LOVES the United States, and certainly didn't need to run for President.

He never told the country that he and his daughter were under enemy gunfire when they weren't;

He never lied to the entire country about the deaths of 4 Americans after refusing to provide adequate security to our embassy, despite 600 requests;

He never used the IRS to attack citizens;

He never lied to the families of slain soldiers;

But he actually employed thousands and thousands of minorities, providing jobs, something which no liberal democrat has ever done.

I see NO REASON why anyone who doesn't want FREE STUFF or to be on the GOVERNMENT DOLE, or wished our country to fortify it's borders, or get rid of our sickening debt, would EVER VOTE for another LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, who DESPISES EVERYONE who is either NOT AN ELITIST, or isn't under the spell of FALSE PROMISES.

Please, all of you good, patriotic, hard working men and women VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP and send a message to the establishment and the main stream media that we're not going to stand for their lies and corruption and false promises anymore.
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