More Starved Down Than Fed Up

You know, VDH, if the opposite of fed up is "starved down, I think those who oppose totalitarianism, traitorism, tyranny and treason are more starved down than fed up.

Which candidate has called the Bill Ayers/Louis Farrakhan overthrow of this country since 2008 what it is? Which Democrat had EVER opposed the depraved and despicable acts of a lawless government on a Suspect Class Vigilante Rampage for more than six and a half years. Worse, which Republican office holder has said "Enough!"

"You cannot, as I draw breath, tear apart my country and abuse my countrymen with your open seditious acts!"

Instead, what Ace of Spades calls "Failure Theater"...where they first HELP the gang rape of rights and protections of a class of citizens...and after the traitorous act is a foregone conclusion...they give great drama scenes of empty protest in hammed up faux rage.

Leaving those who are starved down of protection from the crumbling of the country, their religious rights, free speech, dissent, secure borders, equal protection, privacy and fair taxation.

Starved down as they are slandered and government traitors are not merely corrupt...but National Socialist evil. Conducting SS type spying on citizens, the press and abroad, conductingOUR affairs in secret...then destroying evidence of their tyranny, treason, graft and Gestapo techniques.

Starved down, where Goosestepping over the trampled Constitution is the "new normal".

Trump is punching sacred cows.

It may not be THE solution, but it sure feels good to halt the stampede of traitors and cowards, if only briefly.



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