Millions Of Otherwise Intelligent Americans Are Afflicted With The Clinton Voodoo

This goes beyond logic, beyond the mountain of evidence of criminal wrongdoing, into some mystical realm that we as logical, sensible people can't understand. Or at least I don't.

Yes, we all say that anyone who would vote for HRC is an idiot, but the fact is they're not. My older sister is a perfect example of this. She adores Hillary. She would gladly trod over broken glass in her bare feet to vote for her.

Yet she is quite intelligent and most of the time very reasonable and likable.

There is something at work here that we don't get. I suspect If my sister was all alone in this we would simply lock her up for her own protection and medicate her until she showed signs of improvement.

But you can't do that to the millions of people out there who are just like her. This is some kind of voluntary blindness or willful ignorance. I really don't get it.

Hillary makes our skin crawl, but to them she walks on water.
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