The Media's Hillary Bias Made Me Vote For Trump

First…thank you, Glenn Greenwald. You’ve exposed the fraud that now poses as ‘journalism.’ The Fourth Estate is dead.

If anyone had told me that I would be moving to the Republican version of things, I would have called them, “mucho loco.” I stopped my NYTimes subscription. As a New Yorker born and raised, I no longer see them as the arbiter of honest news and journalism.

The WaPo? For a some time I submitted my opinions to their forum, until I realized how much they were holding water for the Democrats, allowing lies and obfuscations and serious omission of fact to enter into their ‘news.’

No longer watch CNN, or any other liberal ‘news’ site . So what is this all about?

In a name….Hillary R Clinton and her cronies in the news business. They can’t handle the fact that she lost. The Dems are setting up a ‘War Room’ to make sure Trump can’t do the people’s business. They conspired to cocoon her, protect her from her lies and machinations, her elitism and her ugly business as SoS, hiding FOIA and her unethical behavior hiding CF shenanigans.

This is where it all stems from. The complete capitulation of a once-proud news industry. All due to the fawning and sickening support of corruption by the liberals.

I no longer belong to any political party. I will vote my conscience…this year I voted Trump. I figured he was far less dangerous than HRC and her minions.

As for finding another honest journalist? Besides Greenwald….where, who?

Too bad for our country, selling Americans down the line for political power at all costs
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