Media Matters Declares War On Conservative Bloggers

What this amounts to is the fact they are really scared to see their control of the media is seriously threatened. They won't admit it, of course, but they know from the downed ratings they have lost a lot of ground. People are wise to them, thanks to media outlets like all the social media to include Twitter and FaceBook and Fox News.

What we need is more conservative news sites, especially in the larger markets, to offset this coming onslaught against the above. They are really hurting themselves, no matter what they say or do to make Fox or other conservative media look bad.

The day of communist inspired media in America is about over and they know it but because they are so brainwashed into the communist ideology they can't help themselves and will stay the course and go down with the ship.

The UN, big banks and multinational corporations are behind the onslaught against the constitution and our freedoms.

George Soros directly, and indirectly, owns over 85 media companies whose sole purpose is to put out "FAKE NEWS" -- better known as "PROPAGANDA" -- that slants to the point of pushing communist ideology with the intent to transform America to a communist country.

I constantly try to get people to tell it like it is at every opportunity by calling a "SPADE A SPADE" meaning; use the word "COMMUNIST RUN MEDIA". And call the Democrat Party what it has become "THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF AMERICA". The sooner all freedom loving Americans start doing this, the sooner this ideology will disappear from the scene to the betterment of all people.
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