Media Guilty Of Fanning The Flames Of Racial Tension

The media and certain politicians have successfully instigated and fanned the flames of a race war.

Seek justice from the individuals who do wrong, not entire groups of people who had absolutely nothing to do with the wrong that was done.

How many times have news reports over the last couple of years repeatedly used the words "black" and "white?"

How many times have news articles and statements from the President and other politicians contained hot topic media opinions rather than facts, stirring the pot before investigations can even be completed?

Inciting war means there's blood on their hands, almost as much as if they'd pulled the triggers themselves.

Where are the articles about the many innocent victims that are killed daily by people who are not cops?

Where are the articles about the black victims who are killed daily by someone who isn't white? Don't they deserve justice? Don't they deserve to be mourned and remembered?

Why do they not get their own article unless they're a black person killed by a cop or cops killed by black people?

Why are there no articles about innocent Asians, Latinos, Europeans, etc. killed?

Where are the articles about the thousands of law enforcement officers who do kind hearted deeds for people of all races on a daily basis? Don't those headlines make you money?

I'm convinced that there is no humanity in media or politics anymore, just shock seeking and ratings the cost of innocent lives from all skin colors.
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