Main-Scheme-Media Won't Report ObamaCare Negatives

Note how the article focused on INSURANCE companies and not the people affected by the law?

- Nothing about the millions who had insurance plans they liked and could afford who lost them.

- Nothing about the fact that the majority of those "20 million" who are insured through the marketplace were already on Medicaid, or were qualified for it but had never applied for it.

- Nothing about the fact that many small businesses no longer provide insurance for their employees; nothing about the fact that if your employer plans increase beyond your ability to pay the premiums, that unless it was 9.5% of your income you did NOT qualify for any subsidies.

- Nothing about the fact that many of us lost our HMO's and PPO's through our employer due to the "Cadillac tax" that would have taxed us at 45% of the annual premium -- because it wasn't "fair" that we had worked to gain the experience and knowledge to work at a company that offered good insurance plans.

- And nothing about the now $600 surcharge for having your spouse on your plan if their employer offered a lesser insurance plan. Typical liberal drivel.

The cost curve was bent for the government while it increased for the common person; and now - how wonderful - the insurance companies have increased their premiums to where they need them to be BECAUSE of the law.

No matter that many Americans are now uninsured where they had been.....or can't afford to go to the doctor for that ear infection, because they haven't met their $6000 deductible yet.
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