Main-Scheme-Media's Fake Hate-Crime News

Speaking of fake news, when is the MSM news going to stop reporting these fake "hate crime" stories? It seems lit. starting the day after the election, hate crimes vs. gays, trans, and minorities break out everywhere. Well, not really. They are reported only, it seems, in blue states, or blue districts, like Philly.

Next, the crimes are all property crimes, unlike the crimes committed by ppl who are anti-Trump. Those are actual physical attacks. Anyway, the supposed crimes by DT supporters seem to always or typically include specific mentions of DT.

Third, oddly, there are never any witnesses to the supposed crime, even when committed in the middle of large cities. Hmmm, see a pattern? In short, these "crimes" are being faked and designed to smear DT supporters. Methinks the anti-DT crowd financed by fools like George Soros are doing ANYTHING they can to smear DT.

But the truth as they say, will out. In 4 yrs, DT will be overwhelmingly re-elected. And more Reps will win more Congressional seats and state-houses. Because of their blatant dishonesty and lack of integrity, the Democrat party will become a tiny player in the political system.

The only ppl who'll be left as Dems will be total whackos and openly hostile anti-American Americans and illegal aliens. Sad.
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