Liberals Don't Mind Planned Parenthood Profits

The problem that the Center for Medical Progress exposed was that there were not real expenses in 'preserving and shipping the tissue.' Every news organization that has reported on this issue has left this pesky fact out (and also sanitized the language from "fetal organs" to "fetal tissue" - a departure from what the doctors actually say). 

Most of the tissue procurement organizations (TPOs) are actually in-clinic to pick up the organs. No shipping costs there. Many of the TPOs also do the consent process with the mother - no expenses for Planned Parenthood there. 

Even when shipping has to be done, the costs are de minimis in comparison to the prices paid. Planned Parenthood might sell 2 organs at $60 each from each fetal cadaver. If they're able to do that 10 times a day (an average haul) 6 days a week, they've got $7,200 in cash.

The shipping costs, when there are any, are about $30 a package. 

That's profit.   



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