Liberalism To Communism - The Road Progressives Must Take

With Liberalism, one cannot be satisfied with a quarter...or a half of it. Since their goal is big government's big boots upon your throat, liberals must take the whole prize.

But, they have yet to prove that they can even govern with any kind of efficiency or efficacy. 

They try to control every macro event while failing to understand that each macro event is made up of thousands, or even millions, of micro events.

The only possible way liberals could achieve full control would be by brute force. And thus, it would then have to become its root...Communism.

That is the road progressives must take. Liberalism to Communism.

And even that will fail. Liberalism is so unaware if itself that it refuses to acknowledge that it is based on failed ideals. Therefore, it can only be based upon lie after lie after lie.
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