Legal Immigrants Who Assimilated Are What Made America Great

Legal Immigration

I have an old-fashioned belief in the assimilation model. Which means you keep some of your original culture and celebrate it, if you want, but you also become part of the society of your new country. It's that I don't see happening very much.

I mostly see new Hispanic immigrants recreating their old society here. I don't think multi-culti, balkanized populations are good for any country. These immigrants aren't really immigrants, but rather ex pats.

There are communities of ex pats all over the world. But one doesn't confuse an ex pat, keeping his original allegiance and hanging out with fellow ex pats, with an immigrant who comes to become part of a new society.

Other than collecting benefits, Imho, an alarming number of recent Hispanic arrivals, have no interest in American culture or society and live as ex pats here.

But unlike most ex pats, they are here in big enough numbers to be changing us. I live in Calif. I just returned from doing some errands. I heard mostly Spanish spoken and the employees in each of the 4 places I shopped were Spanish speakers.

Calif is broke, our schools unable to teach in part because of all the non-English speaking children, our infrastructure in shambles -roads even in the best neighborhoods full potholes. What is the point of coming here for a better, safer, cleaner life - and turning the place right back into Mexico?

This isn't a racist rant. Black Americans are hurt by all this - and the most likely to lose jobs. And long-settled Hispanic-American citizens who did assimilate in my experience are no happier about what is happening to the state than I am.

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