Legacy Media Doubles Down On Their Fake-News Strategy

It's becoming easier to see the MSM/fake news methods: a story of minority/muslim hate/violence/abuse by a Trump voter/supporter/white supremacist quickly erupts on cable news and social media.

Then, the outrage ensues; the condemnation and rapid demonization of President Trump (who is directly responsible, of course, because he's a ...ist/Hitler/etc.) and all his voters/supporters. The story is then fully supported and legitimized by the usual media suspects.

Then, over time the story turns out to be totally false or the perpetrator turns out to be just some random thug or the "victim" lied or whatever. But the damage has already been done on social and cable media. It is up to alternative media and talk radio to reveal the truth of the original story.

The record is never fully corrected, though, so the false story is believed to be true by many and becomes part of the Trump lexicon. Just like the false story of Sarah Palin saying she could see Russia from her house (by the way...a theme of a recent Dodge commercial).

This is what we'll be dealing with for the next 4/8 years.



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Read the American Thinker article http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/02/chris_matthews_and_splc_fall_for_hoax_even_the_nyt_says_is_a_lie_again_comments.html

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