Left-Wing Schemes Divert Tax Dollars To Finance Liberal Causes


I like Trump's stance, but why should taxpayers fund them (Planned Parenthood) in the first place? Is there some law that we don't know about that states that Left-Wing organizations should be supplemented by taxpayers?

Why not give that half a billion dollars a year to the 700 Club or Right-Wing organizations that do true good in the world?

Instead, we fund Planned Parenthood, knowing that they turn around and use the funds to support Left-Wing politicians. No better than workers forced to fund unions that fight those on the right for Democrat candidates.

Democrats can never be truly defeated as long as they have a free pass into our pockets.

This organization sells infant organs and body parts to universities and for lab experimentation, even to cosmetic companies researching younger looking skin.

Are we any better than the NAZIS by allowing this madness?

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Read the Breitbart article http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/03/06/president-donald-trump-planned-parenthood-get-rid-abortions-keep-federal-funding/

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