Just The Facts


I do not know what the facts are, yet. The facts that are apparent to me are the Media Assault on Trump, period.

1. Trump makes a seemingly unsubstantiated claim.
2. Trump refuses to back down on the claim (Usual for him)
3. Trump requests an investigation of his claims (NOT usual for him)
4. MSM and the entire establishment, rather than investigating claims, call Trump a liar and demand he retract and apologize.

5. After only a few weeks of investigation, there is strong evidence of Felonious Criminal Intel activity surrounding "incidental" surveillance of the Trump Team.

** Possible evidence forthcoming of Obama Administration ordered surveillance of the Trump Team via expanded surveillance, specifically, for "incidental" contacts. Not confirmed, so, not a numbered fact.

6. After eight months of professional investigations by the FBI, there is zero evidence of collusion between the Trump Team and the Russians.
7. The MSM has repeatedly lied about evidence of collusion between the Trump Team and the Russians with zero evidence.
8. The MSM has repeatedly called Trump a liar about the Obama Regime spying on the Trump team, WITHOUT bothering to investigate the charge. (they were, also, in their blind hatred and disdain for Trump, too stupid to notice #3)
9. The MSM has a history of naming GOP politicians liars with zero evidence and utterly fail to apologize when they are proven to be the liar.

That covers most of the main facts.

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Read the NewsMax article http://www.newsmax.com/Politics/wiretap-surveillance-smoking-gun-GOP/2017/03/23/id/780512/

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