It Was All Fake News

I CAN'T KEEP UP! Fake news is overwhelming...

- Hands up - Don't shoot.
- 10 yr old Trayvon buying Skittles 
- Matthew Shepard murdered by homophobic strangers 
- The video caused the Benghazi attack 
- The growing heterosexual AIDS epidemic 
- Disabled Keith Scott was killed by cops while reading a book.
- The exoneration of Hillary Clinton
- Duke Lacrosse gang rape
- UVA gang rape
- Lena Dunham's Republican rapist
- Loads of Stephen Glass stories in the New Republic
- Dan Rather's National Guard investigation

- Mattress girl
- Obama's brilliant academic record
- The philanthropy of the Clintons
- CNN didn't share debate questions with Donna Brazile
- Polls predicting a Hillary landslide
- NBC's doctored 911 tape of George Zimmerman
- Doctored transcripts of Paula Dean's deposition
- Doctored weather station data
- Al Gore and academia's lies revealed in Climategate emails
- Scads of economic recovery reports since 2009
- Obama's record number of deportations
- The Russians hacked our energy grid
- Dumbstruck 2nd Amendment advocates in Katie Couric's focus group
- Michelle Field's bruises and assault claim  
- "Hispanic" shooter at Burlington Mall in WA
- Romney not paying his taxes
- Ryan Lochte being confronted and fined by "law enforcement"
- With Obamacare, you'll keep your doctor  
- With Obamacare, you'll save $2500  
- Making of a murderer case file
- Size 6 Amy Schumer
- Trump Moscow hotel romp
- Trump fired the DC General
- Trump ridiculed disabled reporter
- Workplace violence breaks out at Fort Hood

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