It's Time For Trump To Play Immigration Hardball

After a Federal Judge issued a temporary restraining order, blocking President Trump's temporary ban on immigration (from the 7 terrorist-supporting countries Obama identified) the next move is Trump's.
The first thing the President should do is issue a totally new Executive Order. This new XO should ban ALL immigration for 6 months. The President's power to manage immigration is clearly spelled out in the US Constitution -- President Trump should exercise that power. 
If the Left Is going to protest...President Trump should give them something to protest about.

Then, President Trump should order Homeland Security to monitor every single person who came into this country during the judge's temporary restraining order. EVERY crime that's committed by ANY of these people should be hung around this judge's neck forever.

Make the judge personally responsible for any illegal activity these people commit. This is what the Left would do.

President Trump is going to have to start playing hardball with these neo-Marxists. Every day it appears they have one goal -- destroy Trump. No matter what Donald Trump does...the Progressives vilify him. He can't beat these people by being nice. 

For President Trump to win against the 'Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy' that's arrayed against him, he must attack the beast's jugular -- public employees unions! Until the Progressive Unions' choke-hold on our national throat is broken, America cannot be great again. Once that occurs, the remaining battles will become easier for the President to win.   

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