It's Time For The West To Get Serious About Terrorism

Western Civilization has the right to survive and therefore has the right to exclude those who seek to destroy the West. It has the right to destroy the purveyors of terror in their camps, lairs and hidey-holes.

It has the right to reject the political correctness that precludes realistic address of the real problems and paralyzes Western leaders to a degree not seen since the socialist French leaders were paralyzed in the fact of the rise of fascism in the 1930s.

The West must do whatever is needed, including; surveilling and closing down mosques, deporting radical Imams, rousting and destroying terrorist cells. And if needed, deporting Muslims in masse.

And the first step to asserting control is to control the borders of Europe and exclude the terrorist-rich populations of immigrants.

Trump has pretty much nailed the issue.
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